Amazon Launches Honeycode, a no-code tool for building apps

Amazon Web Services on Wednesday announced Honeycode, a no-code tool to build mobile and web apps. Honeycode presents user with a spreadsheet like interface. Users can define there own data model and also design the applications using already provided drag and drop builder. With the advancement of the no-code ecosystem, many apps are already in this space such as Airtable, and with the launch of Honeycode, AWS is also trying to enter in the same arena.

To make it easier for the users, Honeycode comes up with some predefined templates for building apps. The templates include todo list style task management, inventory management, surveys and etc. If you are like me and wondering are there any other integration options, then to answer your question, there are two API provided so far GetScreenData and InvokeScreenAutomation. Currently there are no options to insert the data via an API but AWS is providing an option to use CSV to import the data directly in your spreadsheet. The Apps built with Honeycode can be a web or mobile app and they can sync when the data changes.

Coming to the big question of pricing, you can share your app with 20 users for free but after that you have to shed some weight from your wallet. The application will scale automatically and the prices will be charged on the basis of per user and probably the storage used by your app.

If you want to know more: here is the link to a blog post about Honeycode.

In my opinion the biggest competitor of Honeycode will be the spreadsheet as business are already utilising them and we will see whether they want to migrate to some more cooler alternative or not. To soften the deal for them, it comes up with a spreadsheet like interface and some of the functions like v-lookup for these users. Honeycode is still in beta and lets wait and watch what's gonna happen in this space.

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